(Image by @Doug88888)
(Image by @Doug88888)

I don’t know what the hell this article seems to be talking about. I think that the article would like me to believe that several professors at a school in the UK have somehow “cracked” the lottery system. Well, let’s examine their method. They “bagged the big prize by using two boxes, 49 pieces of paper and a large amount of brain power”. Check. It took the group 4 years and about $9000, but they actually hit the six digit number to the tune of $13 million.


Luck. These people hit the lottery. These people didn’t “crack” anything. This so-called system of “brain power”: luck. Though I don’t know all of the particulars regarding the lottery game they won, I can be sure that their method didn’t vastly improve their odds. (If anyone knows exactly how the odds were changed using the method described in the article please let me know.)

It’s PROBABILITY, people! The state wouldn’t run a lottery if they didn’t make money off of it. The lottery is designed to make the state money. And I assure you that they make a LOT of money off of us playing.

So please, don’t let articles like this fool you. There is no system for winning the lottery. At least not one that’s profitable. Or legal. So go invest your money in a house or a mutual fund. Consider this my public service announcement of the day.