(Image by anroir)

<img align=”left” hspace=7px src=”/assets/mbset.jpg”> For those of you interested in the iPhone, a developer named alpheccar has released an application for the device named Mandelbrot, which is a fractal generation tool of the famous Mandelbrot set. It’s a fantastic little free application that allows the user to zoom in on various pieces of the fractal using the typical touch screen commands of the iPhone. Users are also able to discover Julia sets within the fractal, and to switch back and forth between the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

Many color palettes are included, and the most recent version (1.3.3) allows for palette animation, which creates a great visual effect. The animation is relatively fast, and can be either automatically or manually set. By selecting manual animation, users have the option of setting a slide bar that controls both the speed and accuracy of animation. It’s also possible to save animations to the photo book on the phone.

It’s a great for education and visual entertainment. I really appreciate that this developer took the time to develop such an application and then to distribute it freely. That’s a great gesture. For those of you with an iPhone, a direct link to the application can be found here.

FYI, the photo from this post was taken within the Mandelbrot application and later exported to my computer. Good stuff. Good job, alpheccar!