(Laughing Squid)
(Image by Laughing Squid)

It has always driven me totally crazy on my Mac that drop down lists were skipped when tabbing through web forms. This is especially infuriating for at least two reasons: 1) I’ve never heard of this issue in Windows, and 2) Almost every web form that you fill out includes a drop down list for either state or country, which means you have to spend the extra time to use the mouse to move back into the list and find the correct value. Just so that you know, it’s easy to change this behavior. Open System Preferences and go to the Keyboard & Mouse section. Toward the bottom of the screen, you should see the option for “In windows and dialogs, press Tab to move the keyboard focus between:”. Change the value from Text boxes and lists only to All controls, and you’re ready to roll. The screen shot provided below will show you exactly what you’re looking for. Hopefully this saves at least one of you out there some frustration!