(Laughing Squid)
(Image by Laughing Squid)

<img align=”left” hspace=7px src=”/assets/ilk_20070130.jpg”> I am the proud owner of a 15” Macbook Pro. It has 2GB of RAM. My iBook only had 256MB of RAM. Think about it. I must say that I’m extremely pleased so far with the purchase. Even Dreamweaver and MS Office are running really well under Rosetta. I really can’t complain at all about the performance. I’ve also installed Boot Camp, so I’m also running Windows XP. I’ve decided not to worry about either Vista or Office 2007 until the summer. By that point a lot of people and businesses will have moved over. So far I have to say that Windows is running quite well. Once I do some heavier duty stuff I’ll report back on what I’ve found. I thought about using Parallels but decided against it for the time being. I’ll wait until Leopard to see if Apple will enable users to switch between operating systems without having to reboot. If that’s the case I have no reason to buy Parallels (other than to easily play with Linux). Otherwise I’ll have to reconsider. As far as my other software needs are concerned, TeXShop was already available as a universal binary, and TeX installed really easily on the machine. Time will tell. If anyone has any particular questions about what I think about the computer let me know. The self-portrait in this post was taken with the built-in iSight camera.