(Image by MrCTeach)

Yesterday I listened to a fantastic podcast from the NPR program Intelligence Squared U.S.. From the website, “Intelligence Squared U.S. brings Oxford-style debating to America - one motion, one moderator, three panelists for the motion and against.” The specific program I listened to examines the question, “Is America Too Damn Religious?”, which is a particularly fascinating question to me. The panelists present a scope of different opinions on this issue, and most of the comments are well thought out. Everyone is generally respectful, which is a trait I find important in this type of programming. The reflections are at times theological, political, and practical, which was an interesting mixture to listen to. The entire program can be found here. It’s possible to download a free MP3 version of the program on this page. For those of you with iTunes, you can also find an abbreviated version of the debate by looking for the Intelligence Squared U.S. podcast (which is also free). The entire debate runs about 1.5 hours (the abbreviated podcast is about 1 hour), but I think it’s worth it. For those familiar with the issues surrounding this debate I wouldn’t expect to find too much new information, but what I thought was interesting was the particular representation of viewpoints associated with the panelists.