(Image by jstrak)

<img align=”left” hspace=7px src=”/assets/hotdogma.jpeg”> I thought I should let everyone know that my friends over at Hot Dogma, which happens to be the best hot dog shop in the city of Pittsburgh, have recently had a syndicated news story come across from the AP. You can read that article here. Also, there’s another local news article here and some local news video of the story here (link may not be Mac friendly). I don’t understand the situation fully, but Hot Dogma is being legally forced to relinquish its name due to a certain type of copyright infringement with another restaurant located in Miami, FL. The so-called Dogma Grill believes that it’s necessary to squash the name of a business located hundreds and hundreds of miles away. Okay. Good for you. At any rate, Hot Dogma won’t be closing its doors, but will be born again under a different name. If you’re curious about what that new name may be, click on the link above!