(Image by MikeBehnken)
(Image by MikeBehnken)

The next time someone asks me how I am, I am resolved to not give the following reply:


I am resolved not to whine about what I’ve chosen for myself. I have chosen to be married, a homeowner, a full-time employee, a part-time graduate student, a dog owner, a member of the vestry for my church, a member of my church, and so forth. And I have also chosen to do all of this as a 24 year old. I have no room to bitch about being busy. If I didn’t like what I was doing, I could change it. No one held a gun to my temple and demanded for me to enter graduate school or to buy a house. I chose it all.

Nor will I answer: “Tired.” Same issue. If I were so flipping tired, I could change my routine.

I am not a victim, and I have lost this kind of patience for myself. So if you ever hear me whining, please smack me.