(Image by Seb Przd)
(Image by Seb Przd)

As an artistic diversion, I decided to search Flickr for the words “mathematics”, “math”, and “probability” on Creative Commons licensed photographs. The results were wonderful. Some of my favorites are below. Click on the photos to see explanations from the authors or to see more of their work!

(Image by Pragmagraphr)

Klein bottle (procrastination), by Pragmagraphr

(Image by Lost Archetype)

Love & Mathematics, by Lost Archetype

(Image by anroir)

Vegetable Meets Mathematics, by anroir

(Image by Jan Tik)

n(n+1), by Jan Tik

(Image by Seb Przd)

Torus with pairs of Villarceau circles, by Seb Przd

(Image by Adamcha)

Railroad Math, by Adamcha

(Image by DerrickT)

The Portrait of Conditional Probability, With A Third Ear Maybe, by DerrickT

(Image by Micah Sittig)

One in a billion, by Micah Sittig